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James K Mackin

- Fund Manager Profile -

- Successfully handled duties of government bonds at a bond
department of an English bank for eight years.
- Involved in hedge fund for four years, being in charge of bond
- Since 2006, having been started dealing of stock index and
exchange using self-fund in England.

Investment Strategies

- Keeping performance stable by trades using fundamentals
analysis and strategies based on the correlation of bond,
commodity, stock index and exchange.
- Managing risk by making it half the normal position of the
month, when it exceeds 5% of monthly drawdown, or is within
15 times of maximum leverage and the usual leverage is more
than 5 times.


gain: +59.6%
Deposits : $10,000
Balance : $15910.60
Profit : $5,910.60
Started : Jan 05,2010
Ended : -
Drawdown : -89.20%
Profit Factor: 0.62